School holiday ramblings


It is school holidays at the moment. For me, that means stepping back from the camera and spending some time with my girl…. who am I kidding? It means spending time with my girl AND my camera.

There was a ‘blood moon’ the other night (8 Oct 14). This is the best shot I could get before thick cloud rolled in and obscured the actual event. Maybe next time? (The next total lunar eclipse will be 31 Jan / 1 Feb 2018).

Blood moon

If you read my last post (the one where I look like I just rocked out of bed / a zombie without the bloody make up) then you would see that I won entry into an amazing “Learn to Shoot in Manual” course for a year. I already know how to shoot in manual, but think it is great to keep on top of your skill set and try to improve yourself all the time.

One of the challenges set in the course is to create aperture stars. Now, I’m not going to give all the secrets away – that wouldn’t be fair to the lovely lady who has put all the time and effort into creating the course (Kim Howell’s Photography Training). This is my favourite from my attempts at creating ‘aperture stars”. Yes, I set up a tripod in the middle of our street – which I was prepared to snatch and run with mid-shot had a car come up or down the road.


I took my camera whilst on a playdate with my Little Miss at our friend’s house and managed to snap a quick shot of one of their dogs. This got me to thinking I should expand my portraiture photography to include animals… sometimes they cooperate better than humans, especially baby humans (see above image)!

Finally, to conclude this week’s post, I wanted to include a couple of shots of gorgeous girls with pretty flowers. These are candid shots from our wanderings and outings over the school holiday.

DSC_0073 DSC_0158


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