Diwali Festival – Part 2


The crowds at the Diwali Festival in Auckland City were incredible! Although the sheer volume of people was overwhelming, everyone was orderly and very well behaved.

I found a less crowded spot in the middle of the road of Queen Street to get some long exposures of the Town Hall. I approached five sets of strangers to ask them to allow me to take their photo, and was refused. Until finally some lovely gentlemen took pity on me and gave me a couple of minutes of their time (above).


Later, as I was about to hit the shutter release, a couple of revelers jumped in front of the camera then shied away. I encouraged them to jump back in – but to hold as still as they possibly could for as long as they could. After the first person bravely stood as a statue for me, others saw what I was doing and started asking me to take their photos too. I gave them each a card, so hopefully they will find me on facebook or this blog and be able to see their images.

Jagpreet Karan DSC_0138wm

(sadly the gent in green got the focus in my rush to get their photo)DSC_0143wm

From all the shots I took that night, I started to notice a theme to the long exposures – and that was that the people in the backgrounds that were reasonably in focus were the ones having or taking photos.

This got me to thinking that I might start a series of photos of people taking photos of people. Here is one that I took of a fellow photographer without him initially noticing me:



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