Johnny Makes-a-Wish (part 1)


The Make a Wish Foundation  does incredible things for sick children and their families.

Johnny wished for a family holiday to Auckland and Rotorua for his family. The team at M.a.W went one better and incorporating his love of superheroes, created an unforgettable day for this little leukemia survivor.

Staying at Skycity Hotels Johnny and his family were awoken by a desperate Batman and Supergirl needing Johnny’s help to save the world. What ensued was an elaborate crime fighting crusade which involved capturing the Joker, a war with zombies followed by capturing the Riddler, a ceremony in which the Police Chief presents Johnny with a key to the city, and finally concluded with a helicopter ride for Johnny and his family.

My part in all this was to help to photograph the event – starting with the make up that a few of the zombies underwent to make the battle as authentic as possible.

Five zombies were to be the ones to ‘greet’ Johnny as he entered Aotea Square. They went to BodyFX in Auckland to undergo 2 hours of make up. The work speaks for itself:





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