Johnny Makes-a-Wish (Part 2)


Johnny got to make a wish, it came true… and some! Check out or at One News (NZ) for the video footage.

After a little kerfuffle with a rude and pedantic Council worker (not the liason assigned for the day) who bizarrely decided to trim the grass with a pair of scissors for no apparent reason, we quickly got underway with the set up. The Make a Wish staff, volunteers and BodyFX make up artists did an amazing job of getting over 70 individuals ready for action in just under 45 minutes.


The Police turned up right on time to participate as requested, and we were incredibly grateful and impressed that they wore their riot gear to make it an even more authentic zombie battle for Johnny.

Zombies and Police alike counted down the minutes until Batman, Supergirl and Johnny arrived.. The crowds grew as people waited around to see what it was all about.


Bang on time the heroes arrived to investigate what was going on (above).

Once the star of the show had arrived, the battle got underway!


(My favourite shot from the day)


Johnny defeated all the zombies and then captured The Riddler!

end of battle

All the zombies remain dead on the ground as the Police Commissioner presents Johnny with a Key to the City. This kid just took it all in his stride, he seemed rather chuffed with all the attention. ceremonyJohnny then helped the Police to put The Riddler and The Joker (who he had defeated earlier in the day) into the back of the Police car. Then, along with his family, Johnny went for a ride on the Police helicopter over Auckland City! Talk about a day to remember!!!

riddler arrested

Once the main event was all rapped up, I rushed off to quickly process the images and get them into the Make a Wish offices in the hopes of getting some into their media releases or any other publications they might have. I had already prepared a little box and USB for them.



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