Pre-Raphaelite Shoot – 21st March 2015


Sometimes I just have an idea, and I begin to obsess over that idea… and the idea starts to take over all of my thinking, everywhere I look I see something that could be incorporated into that idea. The obsession becomes all consuming and, well, I think you get an idea of where this is going.

I am a massive fan of Sue Bryce and her beautiful images. She does all sorts of Creative Live workshops and has posing guides and generally shares her amazing wealth of skills and talent. Unfortunately I am not in a financial position to justify spending at this point, but it is definitely on the “One Day…” list! (No, I wasn’t paid to plug those sites, I just like to support things / people I believe in).

Here’s an image to keep you interested before I waffle on about this shoot.

SRP Ophelia

I’m not entirely sure when I started to obsess over the idea of doing a Pre-Raphaelite photoshoot, but it was one of those concepts that slowly developed and crept into my consciousness until it was all consuming. So I started requesting various books from the library on Pre-Raphaelite paintings, starting obsessively watching Sue’s videos (or whatever I could find) on youtube, and googled by brains out.

I had photographed a family last year, and their daughter, Brenna, was of an age and appearance that really appeal to me for these kind of images. So I contacted them, and they were keen to participate. Then I thought about lighting, and immediately thought of Roedolf and Adele at Helderlig Photography, who I had worked with before and who I respect greatly for their knowledge of lighting and photography. They were also keen to collaborate.

Next I started to think about space and venue, and asked a good friend of mine if she had any ideas or contacts – which being the awesomely fabulous lady she is -of course she did. This put me in touch with a lady who is property manager for a church, and from there we secured an absolutely perfect and incredible space to shoot in.

From there I thought about Make up Artists, hair styling and other models to photograph, and put some feelers out. This turned out to be the most challenging aspect of the whole collaboration, and certainly diminished my initial enthusiasm for the project. C’est la vie, That’s Life. You win some, you lose some. In the end I bought a hair curler and sat up the night before watching youtube videos.

We ended up with an incredible team! Any doubts or reservations I had evaporated on the day, and everyone worked so well together. I, for one, had an amazing experience and thank each and every one involved for all their efforts. Thank you!

Our gorgeous models were Brenna, Ophelia, Sune and Artemis.

Our fantastic Makeup Artists were Holly Brunner and Kezhan Hasan Tayara (Makeup by K).

You can click any of those links to see the relevant facebook or website pages – please do, I truly believe in supporting those that support me.

Artemis had her make up done by Kezhan, and her hair done by Holly. The accessories (the feather collar and medusa necklace we used as a crown) are borrowed from an awesome friend of mine. xX

Once Ophelia was ready and we saw her all dressed up, Artemis suggested a Snow White and the wicked witch type shoot and we all readily agreed! I just so happened to have a couple of apples with me.

Ophelia’s make up was done by Kezhan, and I did her hair. Her wardrobe was thanks to her Aunt and Mum. I do believe she may soon sign with 62 Models!

Brenna was a huge part of the inspiration for this shoot. Holly did both hair and make up.

Roedolf asked if I would mind if he brought a model along, and I readily agreed. Sune’s make up was done by Holly, and her hair was mostly done by me with Holly doing the finishing touches.

My expectations for this, the first TFP shoot I have ever organised, were exceeded beyond anything I had hoped. Without the collaboration and efforts of everyone involved I would never have been able to achieve these beautiful images that I am soooo in love with right now.

Looking forward to the next inspirational idea to hit, and hopefully having everything fall into place as easily as it did for this one.


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