Samantha and David’s Wedding – 4th April 2015


Samantha and David are such a wonderful fun-loving couple with a great sense of humour. Their wedding had a subtle mad-hatter theme to it, with teapots and top hats and a hint of Alice in Wonderland.

My beautiful friend Marie Brooke sent me a message at the end of March asking if I might be interested trying my hand at second shooting a wedding for another wedding photographer, a friend of hers, Lisa Foster.

Second shooting is so much fun! You are not ultimately responsible for ‘getting the shot’, and can therefore be a little more creative and relaxed. The idea of a second shooter at a wedding is to get a different perspective from the main photographer, to stay out of their shots, to herd the masses and help where I can, and still try to capture the vital moments (the kiss, the cake, the dance, etc) just in case something goes wrong with the main photographer’s gear.

The Details:

The Bridal Party:


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