Jemma-Jane & the home studio


Jemma-Jane, whose fitness shoot I tagged along on the other weekend, messaged me asking if I was keen on another shoot – anything I wanted to do.

The first thing that popped to mind was a ‘hands and face’ photobooth styled shoot of high key (white and bright) images. Then when I looked through the images on her facebook page I realised this has been a common theme on there.

So then my mind went entirely the other way, and I started to think about doing some low key shots instead (dark and directional light).

To achieve any shots at all it was apparent I would need lighting of some sort. While I could have made do and experiment with my speedlights, I really wanted more controlled lighting. My dear friends over at Helderlig Photography very kindly agreed to lend me their studio lighting, and with some improvised fabric backdrops and clever exposure tricks I was ready to go.

For anyone looking for a model, I cannot recommend Jemma-Jane (JJ) enough. She is one of those people who makes you feel good about yourself just for being around her. We developed an instant rapport and had so much fun playing around. As a TFP (trade for print / poses – not paid) shoot we each had something we wanted to achieve. I wanted low key and  head shots and surprisingly JJ wanted the photobooth collage! This was great for me as I was getting the two sets I wanted.

First I set up the low key lighting with a backdrop exposed to black. WARNING: Avert your eyes if you don’t appreciate the female form:

Triptych JJ Naked

DSC_0146.1 DSC_0152

(we started off with some head shots and props)

After a quick lunch break and a switch around in lighting and backdrop, we did some really entertaining photos trying out a variety of hand and face shots to put into photobooth collages (above).

JJ is off on a OE adventure. Really looking forward to travelling vicariously through her journey, and catching up when she returns.


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