Howick Camera Club (1st Monday of June) Print Night – Set Subject: Rough + Open

Finally! I joined the Howick Camera Club!

As a new member I start in the ‘C’ Grade, moving up through ‘B’, and eventually through to ‘A’ Grade.

The first Monday of each month is a print competition. You can enter two prints – one for the set subject (this month is “Rough”) and one in a open category (in other words, anything goes).

Here is my C Grade Set Subject ‘Rough’ images which I titled “Sharp Edges” (above).

It got an HONOURS on the night (the highest award)! Pretty awesome given I took the image the day before and printed it that morning.

And here is the image I entered for the C Grade Open which is titled “Brenna”:


Unfortunately, I only got a MERIT for this image. The judge didn’t like the shadow under the nose and chin, and thought the catch light in the eyes was done in post-processing – which it was not, this was a ring light.

Camera Club will be on again in two weeks, on a Monday night, and there will be a Digital competition, with the same set subject and an open entry… will have to get my thinking cap on for another ‘Rough’ image!


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