Howick Camera Club (3rd Monday of June) Digital Image Night – Set Subject: Rough + Open

June2015_C_Open_Misty Eastern Beach_HONOURS AND IMAGE OF NIGHT_Lisa Cropp

Tonight was digital competition night at HCC. The images are projected onto a big screen and judged by Grade.

I am in C Grade – everyone starts there (well, unless you are under 18, then you start in Junior Grade..).

Here is my set subject (Rough) image titled “Grinding Discs”:

June2015_C_set_Grinding Discs_Lisa Cropp_HIGHLY RECOMMENDED_sml

This image got a Highly Recommended on the night from Bob McCree. To be completely honest, I am surprised it got more than a mere Merit… I had already noted the incomplete circle on the bottom grinding disc and the lighting is too flat. So I am more than happy with a Highly Recommended.

The image I submitted for the open category (in other words, any image I want to have judged) was one I got up very very early in the morning to shoot. It is titled “Misty Eastern Beach” (above).

I am phenomenally proud of this high key photo of the fog rolling around Musick Point (far right) and along Eastern Beach. It was taken from a clifftop which has approx. 210° degree views of beaches, ocean and islands – including Rangitoto which was completely obscured in the fog that morning.

This image received an Honours on the night, and was also the C Grade Image of the Night!! Stoked!

HCC has asked if I want to submit a 6 image portfolio for judging to try to move up into B Grade. How awesome it that!?


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