Fire Shoot – Joyce Chen


To see the backstory to this shoot and see Brigita’s shots click here. Also check out the shots of Artemis here.

Joyce came onboard the shoot with Roedolf and Adele from Helderlig Photography, along with Shannon to do hair and makeup.

She was the wild card of the group as I had not met her and had no idea what she looked like or how well she modeled. Roedolf asked if he could bring someone along and I trust his judgement (and thankfully still do! Joyce modeled fabulously).

Shannon Grange did all hair, makeup and hair blower-upping for this series. Roedolf and Adele chose the styling and went for a bad ass ninja look.

Model: Joyce Chen *** Makeup and Hair: Shannon Grange *** Photography: Sparrow Rose Photography 

This would be my favourite from this series:



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