Howick Camera Club Digital Night (3rd Monday of the month) Set = Brown

C_Set_Vacancy_Lisa Cropp

Last week I could not go to the club night as Tim, my husband, was down in Nelson, and Mum, who would be my second choice in babysitter, was in Melbourne. I guess I could have had my Dad or Mother-in-law come over but club starts right on bedtime, and I just know that our girl would not have gone to sleep well and the next day would have been a nightmare. So I decided to submit images but not attendĀ – therefore I do not know the reasoning behind the judges decisions, but I am happy nonetheless.

In the Open subject I submitted an image of a succulent I had recently taken. Truth be told, I think it is ‘nice’ but not my normal. I just didn’t have much else worth submitting so thought I would give it a go. It got a Highly Commended.

C_Open_Succulent_Lisa Cropp

The image I submitted for the set subject of ‘Brown’ was one I took when I borrowed a macro lens from a lovely lady at club (big thank you to Jenny!). I was desperate. Brown was a really hard challenge for me for some reason. It took a lot of post processing to clean up the shell, and I fudged the sharpening on the tip (it was not completely in focus to start with), so I decided to add an ‘artistic’ spin blur to the image. Judge must have like the fibonacci effect, it received an Honours.

This week at club was a talk from a member about her trip to Brazil and the incredibly Ignazu Falls. She (sorry, the name escapes me at present) had some incredible images and even more incredibly stories to tell and I enjoyed the show. We also had a slightly less exciting but very informative slideshow about landscape photography from Bob McCree. I truly respect this man’s work and he is not only an artist but a technical genius when it comes to photography. Look him up, he does some beautiful award winning work.

Next week the set subject is Fiery. I did a photoshoot with model a few months ago with this as the theme but I am not so sure a judge will ‘get’ it, so am looking at other avenues of boring ol’ burning things. Wish me luck, I only have the next 3 days to produce something as the weekend is going to be cray cray busy!


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