Image Nation – Part 3

So, Day One started with Maxy, moving to a talk from Jon Randles from Mosh, then acclaimed fashion photographer Fiona Quinn, followed by Rob Finn from International Rescue (advertising agent) and Pip Mayne from FCB (producers / agency).

Whilst a fair amount of the conversation was somewhat over my head they did give me a huge insight into the very cut-throat and demanding work of advertising. Their suggestions if you are looking to pitch to their agencies is to a) surprise them somehow, make yourself memorable in a good way, b) be friendly, CHARMING (a word that popped up a number of times), and just generally Don’t Be a Dick. and, c) never call on a Friday afternoon.

A common theme of all the speakers, when asked how they got to where they were was… Luck. Something I seem to be lacking in, so was hoping for a magical recipe for success. That, and a very clear objective of what it is you are wanting to achieve and a passion to just keep going. Fake it till you make it. Do personal work with the intent of using it to get paid work. Specialise, find a niche. Qualities they look for: Consistent work, loyalty, reciprocity, PASSION, CHARM, integrity and collaboration.

Finally, that brings us to the final speaker for Day One – Sean Izzard. Sean is an Australian based international photographer who does advertising campaigns. His work is flawless and very polished. Yet it is his personal work that really drew me in and had me listening. Strangely enough I did not make any notes for his talk as it was just a walk through of his work to date and I was too engaged to note anything down.

images (1)

Photo credit to Sean Izzard

Stayed tuned for Part 4 (+) with my notes from the Day Two speakers! Image Nation was just incredible, a real eye opener to a secret world that many do not even know exists.



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