Image Nation – Part 4 “Photography is a kind of language.”

After a rather horrid bus ride on Day One, I decided to take the train to Day Two, which worked out to be much easier and more pleasant.

Day Two kicked off with David Cook, a lecturer at Massey Uni in Wellington, who really slow cooks his projects, some taking many years to complete. David has published many books, his latest being ‘Meet me in the square’ which has many images prior to the Christchurch earthquake and addresses the many changes to Christchurch post earthquake.

David’s work tends to be series, stories being told. I loved the work he did around Rotowaro – a coal mining town near Huntly that now no longer exists, a before and after, if you will.

Quote of the day from David “Photography is a kind of language.”




Photo by David Cook

After David there was a panel discussion about Photobooks with MomentoPro’s Libby, Simon Devitt – an architectural photographer, David Cook, Warren Olds – book publisher, and Anita Totha – book distributor.

Libby says ‘the world is blurring’, in reference to the roles of individuals, agencies, etc.

Simon, who self publishes his own books, says he sees ‘fast food in a world where I prefer slow cooking’, in regards to quick sales and low ball pricing.

David was promoting Photobook NZ which will be held in Wellington in March 2016 on the 11th through to 13th.

It was an insightful look at the various ways of publishing and selling books. From “$2-zeens” (little paper magazines that sell for about $2) to books ornately created with limited numbers, and distributed at $500 a piece.


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