Image Nation – Part 5

Lisa Reihana was the speaker after lunch. Lisa works at Unitec (and MIT, I think) as a design and visual arts lecturer, as well as being an artist in her own right. The moment I saw and heard Lisa, I was reminded of my friend, Janet Lilo, also a visual artist, as their approach to their work seemed very similar. Turns out Lisa graded Janet’s masters degree work! Such a small world.

Anyway, back on topic. Lisa went over her many works to date, then focused on ‘Pursuit of Venus’, which was a mammoth collaboration of both still and moving photography. For lack of a better description: “In 1804, Joseph Dufour created Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique, a sophisticated 20-panel scenic wallpaper whose exotic subject matter referenced popular illustrations of the times and mirrored a widespread fascination with Captain Cook and de la Perouse Pacific voyages. Two hundred years later Lisa Reihana reanimates this popular wallpaper as a panoramic video spanning a width of 26 metres.”

It is clear that it is important to Lisa to make use of local resources and networks, and community involvement is a passion.


Quote of the day from Lisa “We are from the future”, in reference to NZ being at the start of the international date line.

Following Lisa was the architectural photographer, Peter Bennett. Whilst I am sure Peter is a phenomenal photographer in the ‘uberspecialty’  he is in, it is not the sort of photography that greatly interests me. I did appreciate how difficult and technical photographing buildings can be, especially getting lines straight!


Photo by Peter Bennett


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