Image Nation – Part 6 (The End)

Everyone was all a-buzz about the final, and let’s face it – key, speaker for the whole of the Image Nation event – Mr Nels Israelson.

Nels is possibly the most unrecognised famous photographer on the planet. What I mean by that is his work is literally all around us, yet his name is not attached to it.

Nels started out as an assistant to other photographers, one of which allowed him to use the studio out of hours. He shot ‘hair bands’ in black and white, until one day RATT came in and he just had to take some in colour with their outrageous outfits. He moved through the music scene and when the Red Hot Chili Peppers started making music, he took almost all their album cover photos. Somewhere along the line he transitioned into doing movie posters, and from their he has made the industry his own.

(photos courtesy of Mr Google, by Nels Israelson)

Nels spoke of 3D imaging, and touched on some amazing technology he has been developing with a software company to do ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) imagery. It is exciting, new and innovative, and likely to be in a neighbourhood near you soon! There is definitely no expense spared, and no limit to what can be imagined.

Nels tells those wanting to get to where he is to research, research, research and ‘to always take the brief a little further’. Do what is asked, then do some more.


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