HCC November 2015 Print Night – Set Subject: Season of Spring

Set_season of spring_HONOURS_Nov15

These set subject seriously challenge me, but I guess that is the whole idea! If it had simply been ‘Spring’, well, that opens it up to hot water springs, coil springs, etc.

The set subject print I submitted was taken in my parent’s front yard, with me precariously balancing on a step ladder. I did try it with a ceramic egg I have, but the egg was too big and just wasn’t convincing. I could have tried taking a photo of the egg and photoshopping it in but I am not sure I could have done so convincingly with the rough nature of the nest. This image received an Honours.

I REALLY need to get out and take more photos so I have a backup of Open images to use for the competitions. The issue I have is that as soon as I have taken an image I immediately think on how I can improve it, what I would do differently, or simply grow bored of it.

I picked this image of a spiderweb for my Open print. We were leaving the house to head to school when I spotted it and ran back inside to grab the camera. The rainbow captured in the web was pure coincidence.

Open_caught the rainbow_HC_Nov15


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