Ancient Nana we will miss you Xx


This year has been crazy already!

On the 1st my Nana turned 100, and we had a lovely little party at the rest home to celebrate. For as long as I can remember, my Nana has said she wanted to get her letter from the Queen before she went, and she did exactly that! It even made the local paper (along with my photo):

Nana b'day collage

Group Shot FINAL sml(photo credit to Colin Tyler)

Unfortunately, the night before her birthday it was necessary to put her onto oxygen as she was feeling unwell. She rapidly deteriorated over the next few days and passed away exactly one week after her 100th birthday, on the 8th January. Her funeral was on the 12th.

Although it has been devastating – especially watching my Mum having to come to terms with the loss of her mother, and the usual family dramas and associated stress that can arise during these difficult times – there have also been some good times.

My sister and her family came over from Melbourne on Christmas Day, business-class, no less! (they managed to nab an amazing deal that meant business was cheaper than cattle-class) We made some fantastic memories with the kids, and our girl will miss kicking around with her cousins. They were so lucky to have been here for Nana’s birthday. It was unfortunate that they returned to Melbourne on the 3rd, and were therefore unable to attend the funeral.

10655374_10154219374629239_2648086553688881955_o DSC_1807


Through serendipitous circumstances, my husband got talking with the lady who is taking over the pony rides at the Clevedon Markets. Evelyn has a number of miniature horses at her new farm called Fun Day Farm. She asked if Ila would like to come out to her place and ride some of the horses, and of course we jumped at this amazing opportunity! It was also a great distraction that couldn’t have been better timed. We have been there every other day and will continue to enjoy the animals and take some great photos.

collage horse riding Ila on Pegasus Pegasus Pip

Untitled-1 Untitled-2




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