HCC Print Competition February 2016

Daniel needs help

This month’s set subject is ‘On the Street’. Street photography is not my forte, but I managed to rustle up an older image I took at a Child Poverty Rally in 2014 (that I happened to walk into when getting off the train in Auckland City and had camera in hand).

The judge on the night gave it an Honours, and chose it asĀ Image of the Night too!

The irony that an adult, Daniel, is destitute and the people marching for child poverty simply walk on by…

For the Open category I put an recent image I took while in the Nelson region. This old house is not going to stand too much longer, I don’t think. The judge gave it a highly commended and thought it would be better if taken on a bit of an angle. Unfortunately this house is on private land, and there is an electric fence all round and a bull in the paddock… and it was raining very heavily when I took this.

Wai-iti old house in heavy rain

I have to submit my digital entries by tomorrow 6pm. I will be winging it again as I have not been out to shoot this with intention.

Till then, stay safe and keep smiling!


See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little. ~Pope John XXIII


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