HCC Print Competition March 2016

MAR16 SET=Emotion PRINT - Tears before bedtime - HONOURS

For the month of March the set subject is ‘Emotion’. I was lucky enough to have my camera on hand when a friend’s child had the most almighty tantrum when the waterslide at Quinney’s Bush stopped for the day. She refused to put any clothes on and could not be corralled or consoled for quite some time. Poor wee soul. However, I took advantage of the situation and managed to get this shot. The judge on the night, Brian Eastwood, awarded it an Honours.


For the Open category I entered a photo I took of our ever patient and loving cat, Pearl. I had seen something similar, and really wanted to try this. Due to the obvious use of studio lighting which you can see in the eye, this was awarded a Highly Commended.

MAR16 OPEN PRINT - Whiskers - Highly Commended

Next week, being the second Monday of the month, there is no club night. It is proving to be an already very busy week with workshops and the 60th Anniversary dinner of the Howick Camera Club on the 20th.

Stay safe and keep smiling. xx


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