10 on 10 April 2016


Daylight savings ended recently here in NZ, and it is far too light far too early in our household for my liking. Thankfully the school holidays are fast approaching and we can properly adjust before heading back into school and into winter. A handy way I have been taught to remember which way the clock goes is: Spring forward and then Fall back (although most refer it the season as Autumn here).

Please head on over and see the incredibly diverse photography of Marta Musa Photography and while you are there please check out the Portfolio Gallery of Fred and Camilla!

Follow the blog circle links all the way around and you will end up back here again.

There has not been a huge amount of picture taking by myself done this last month. I have been jumping through a lot of hoops lately, and unfortunately not all of them are photography related. However, I will be exhibiting at Artspace in Devonport from the 9th till the 24th April! So keep an eye out for a post about all that soon.

My 10 (or 11, but whose counting?):

Tears before bedtime taken at Quinney’s Bush campground in Motupiko, South Island, NZ
Pearl’s whiskers taken at home with studio lighting
Jo relaxing on the floor
Jo headshot
Jo doesn’t let Spina Bifida stop her from getting out and about in the world and making new friends. We meet at Night to Shine, and boy did Jo shine! I feel very privileged to have been welcomed into Jo’s life and home.


Toitoi (a common NZ plant) from a moving campervan in the Coromandel
Abstract coastal foreshore at speed
Impressionistic Punga Palm at speed from a campervan in Coromandel
Our campervan over Easter
Impressionistic trees

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