Princess Jo photoshoot

Back in February this year I shot at Night to Shine 2016, an incredible ball / prom event for people with disabilities. It was a marvelous night, full of fun and laughter, and one of the people who really shone out to me the most was a lady called Jo.

Jo nabbed me to ask if I would take a photo of her friend and her next to the stretch Hummer that was taking people for spins around the block. The organiser of the event overheard her, and asked if she would like to go for a ride. Jo initially refused, I suspect she didn’t want to make a fuss.

However, with only the slightest bit of persuasion, and the help of a few burly men, with much laughter and encouragement Jo was extracted from her wheelchair and deposited into the stretch Hummer – for what was a magical and precious moment of freedom and joy.


After the event Jo befriended me on facebook, and after a little chatting I asked if she would like to do a photoshoot with me. I had just purchased my new lighting system, and she could be my first victim subject to test them out on. Jo readily agreed, and I set up in her lovely home and did a few shots.

I am so very grateful to have met this amazing lady and her incredibly warm and supportive family. I look forward to taking many more photos with Jo in the future. Xx

Thank you Jo, for being so open, honest and inviting. Catch up again soon. x


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