10 on 10 June 2016

Zoom In2

As part of the blog circle I am a part of, it is my duty to post ten images from this month on the tenth day of the month. Sometimes it is difficult when I have had a particularly busy or particularly quiet month, but this month I have plenty to choose from.

So here are my 10 favourites from between 10th May and 10th June 2016.

These are the first shots testing out my new camera:

“Karate Chop!”


And this is our coffee group – these guys have been buddies since “The Sparrow” was 6 weeks old! That cheeky monkey pulling tongues on the top left had open heart surgery this month. Her recovery can only be described as mind-blowing! Home 3 days post-op and a box of fluffy ducks! (an NZ idiom meaning she is doing very well)coffee group

I did some product shots for ContactLensHub with EmPress with month too:

While trying new styles, I also experimented with a maternity shoot this month. You can see the other images HERE.Petronella5



Another shoot I did this month was with Leanne. We set up a few shots in her home, and captured what I think are some contemporary portraits. You can check out the post about this shoot HERE.Leanne Leanne1And my absolute favourite shot of the month is this one I took of Stephanie in her home. You can check out the blog post with her other images HERE.SRP_7316

Check out this blog by Sara and follow the links around the entire blog circle until you end up back here!


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