Conceptual Shoot: Urbex Army Watertank – Harley Quinn and Joker


Friends of my husband bought a property out in Papakura, and discovered an underground bunker structure! Turns out it is an old Army watertank that used to feed to the Army camp at Ardmore. Needless to say, when we went to explore I just knew I wanted to do a photoshoot in there!

Without a set concept in mind I turned to my friend Roedolf, and asked if he and his lovely wife, Adele, would be interested in shooting with me. We soon had a crew together, and a date set, we started to come up with some ideas to work with.

Chelsea Tucker was one of the models onboard, and once I had a look at some of her images I suggested a Harley Quinn look for her. I had struggled to get any male models onboard, but once this suggestion was made Chelsea said she would get her partner, Alex, to come along and be Joker.

Little did Alex know that his ‘surprise date’ would result in full makeup and studio lighting! He was such a great sport and played the part of Joker well.

I think everyone would agree, this location was awesome! I do hope to shoot there again someday soon.


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