September 10 on 10

Spring sprang early, the sun came out, the flowers were blooming, and then we got another icy blast. The weather is four seasons in one day… and the germs and viruses are out in force!

Each month I do a “10 favourite images on the 10th of the month”, or 10 on 10, for short. The awesome thing about this project is that I get to share it with other, like-minded, photographers and we create a blog circle where you can traverse each of our blogs to circle back around to here. (link at bottom of post)

Abstract web
Abstract spiderweb
The Joker
Hospital Staff
Hospital Staff
Alice in Wonderland
“Eat Me” Alice in Wonderland
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn
Fairy drink
Refreshment from the Cupcake Fairy Shop
Family Shoot
Family shoot at Musick Point
Family / self portrait
Family shot at Pigeon Mountain
FILM Empress the Temptress
Empress the Temptress on film
FILM G - favourite shot from the film
My favourite shot from the film I developed.
Flying free
‘The Sparrow’ at the absolutely incredible Punnet Cafe
Pretty girl
Lexus, the pretty girl.
My attempts at food photography

Please head over to Marlene’s blog, and don’t forget to follow the links all the way back to here.

Whether your weather is heading into Autumn, or whether your weather is heading into Spring, enjoy your time with family and be grateful for everything they bring. xxx


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