10 on 10 December 2016

Wow! It is almost a New Year! It is hard to believe how much I have achieved this year, particularly photographically. 

I would like to thank Colin Tyler – for hooking me up with some awesome photography work, Roedolf and Adele Smit – for always being keen to collaborate on my crazy ideas, Diana Bennett – for taking the leap of faith and taking me on as her second shooter, everyone in my ‘secret’ photography facebook group – for listening to me whinge and being such awesome inspiration, My family – for believing in me and supporting me through this journey. My amazing clients, many of whom are now friends. And anyone else I may have missed?!

Without further ado let’s get into my 10 favourites on the 10th of the month. As always, don’t forget to visit the next blog (link will be at bottom of this post) and follow the circle back around to here!


Emma and Robert’s wedding was back on the 3rd of September (and I have only just got around to looking at them! Tsk tsk), with the ceremony at a beautiful little Catholic church in Northcote, and the reception at the gorgeous Soljan’s Vineyard in Kumeu.


I try to make a point of getting some good shots of my girl each month, my little Sparrow. Sometimes- like this time – she is co-operative, other times, not so much.


Kim and Callum’s relaxed wedding was on the 18th November at Callum’s father’s beautiful estate in Taupaki. So great to have enough time to not rush bridal photo, and such a genuinely loving couple.


For the last three years we have had Ozzie and Elsie the Elves at our house so they can report The Sparrow’s behaviour back to Santa. Each day they get up to some mischief.

And there you have it, the last 10 on 10 for this year! Let’s hope the other awesome photographers want to keep it going next year too. Don’t forget to head on over to see what Cicely from Rusted Van Photography has been doing this month, and follow the circle around back to here. xx


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