10 on 10 January 2017

Happy New Year everyone! What did you do for NYE?

I love shooting weddings! They are almost always happy and enjoyable occasions and I just love all the little details and beautiful people.

The wedding season is upon us and this year I started second-shooting weddings with Diana V Photography. It is always so hard to resist the urge to post the photos straight away! These ones are from mid-December and the couple’s have now received their images from Diana and it is safe to share my versions.

1/10 These rings!


2/10 The kiss that sealed the deal.


3/10 The rain won’t ruin the day.


4/10 Jordyn and Michael


5/10 Our girl won the Values Award for her class. I am so incredibly proud of her for being such an amazingly generous, kind-hearted, intelligent girl who has dealt with bullies with her head held high and been a fabulous friend.


6/10 Candice and David


7/10 Candice and David


8/10 Smith and Caughey’s Santa’s Grotto with Nana


9/10 Roar!


10/10 The Cropp Grandies


This year I have decided to do a 365 of sorts, but instead of it being a photo-a-day project I intend it to be more of a 7 photos a week project to take some of the pressure off with everything that is going on in my personal life at present.



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