Week 1 – 365 of 2017 – Two weddings and a lung biopsy.

Instead of setting myself up for failure and saying I will take a photo on every day of the year, I am instead aiming for 7 photos a week – although I will definitely TRY to take one each day! Resulting in 365 photos for the year! Many of these posts may be delayed scheduling due to needing to ensure that any weddings I have shot are with the clients before I publish any of their photos online.

I will be stopping posting the 10 on 10, being that I seem to be the only one of the photographers in that circle who still did it this year, and instead do the 365 photos.

I’m hoping that by having a personal project to concentrate on it will keep the joy of photography in my life while we go through some pretty serious personal stuff in my families’ lives right now.

Week 1 – Two weddings and a lung biopsy surgery.

I had two weddings to second-shoot with Diana V Photography at the start of January. I am truly grateful that Diana and I have become friends, and absolutely love working with her capturing beautiful memories.

Due to my husband’s initial surgery being delayed, it also meant that between these two weddings – on the 5th and 7th of January, my husband had a lung biopsy surgery on the day in between, the 6th. His health issues have been ongoing – starting shortly after the birth of our daughter 6 years. Although Diana offered to find someone else to shoot if I was not emotionally up to the task I still soldiered on through, and think I held it together pretty well.

Photo 1 – Week 1 – 365 – taken 05.01.2017 – Groom, Kyle, and his Dad, Tim, before getting ready for the wedding.
Photo 2 – Week 1 – 365 – taken 05.01.2017 – Steph entering St Matthew’s Church in Remuera, Auckland
Photo 3 – Week 1 – 365 – Steph and Kyle take a quiet moment
Photo 4 – Week 1 – 365  – taken 07.01.2017 – Brendan’s ‘groom-mates’ preparing for the wedding.
Photo 5 – Week 1 – 365 – taken 07.01.2017 – The Groom-mates goofing around while the Bride and Groom have bridals with the primary shooter, Diana.
Photo 6 – Week 1 – 365 – taken 07.01.2017 – ‘The baby kicked!”
Photo 7 – Week 1 – 365 – taken 07.01.2017 – The Groom

Why not take a look at some of my other photos in my 365

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Wish me luck in sustaining this endeavour – especially during the colder winter months, when there are not so many weddings to shoot.

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”


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