Week 3 – 365 of 2017 – On holiday

This week, while away on holiday, we got some devastating news….

On Monday, 16th January, we received the terrible results of my husband’s lung biopsy. They confirmed their suspicions of him having Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma, asbestos cancer. Even though he has been unwell for many years, it still comes as a shock that someone so young could have this particular disease. Add to that the fact that the treatment is not entirely Ministry of Health funded, we have the added stress of trying to get ACC fundng, or privately funding the entire treatment somehow.

Meanwhile, I was still on holiday with our 6 year old daughter, who doesn’t need to know all the details of her Daddy being unwell – all she knows is that her Daddy will be spending more time than usual in the hospital soon. So I put on a brave face, for her sake, and tried to make the holiday as enjoyable as possible.

Photo 15 – Week 3 – 365 – taken 15.01.2017 – hanging out in the hammocks
Photo 16 – Week 3 – 365 – taken 16.01.2017 – the photobook we take away with us for Ila to look at.
Photo 17 – Week 3 – 365 – taken 17.01.2017 – The cheeky Ciminos with Ila. x
Photo 18 – Week 3 – 365 – taken 18.01.2017 – Contemplating life with Dusky
Photo 19 – Week 3 – 365 taken 19.01.2017 – Goofing about with Daddy before he heads into hospital again. Bittersweet.
Photo 20 – Week 3 – 365 – taken 20.01.2017 – noodles and tablet time
Photo 21 – Week 3 – 365 – taken 21.01.2017 – Yoonha and Yi Ken’s wedding (second shooter)

We returned home from Nelson mid-week, having had the devastating Big C news, only for my husband to have to be admitted to hospital the next day. He remains in the hospital and hopefully will be out again soon. The waiting game for ACC funding starts….

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“There are moments that mark your life; moments when you realise nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts: BEFORE this and AFTER this.”


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