Week 6 – 365 of 2017 – Life goes on…

Life goes on…

It is strange how one day can be so devastating and the next you just have to get on with it and put the bad to the back of your mind, until it rears its ugly head yet again and you have another cry about it. Rinse. Repeat. 

This week has been about adjusting to the new normal. Coming to grips with how unwell Tim is. Helping ‘Sparrow’ come to grips with the changes. Working four days of the week with massive hours, and still shooting a wedding on the weekend, as well as helping Tim and chasing various government departments.

Photo 36 – Week 6 – taken 05.02.2017 – Sparrow had a haircut
Photo 37 – Week 6 – taken 08.02.2017 – everyone should sneak a photo of their child sleeping.
Photo 38 – Week 6 – taken 09.02.2017 – Tutu
Photo 39 – Week 6 – taken 09.02.2017 – At times like these it is important to take note of that which we are grateful for.
Photo 40 – Week 6 – taken 09.02.2017 – Doing more administration now than when I worked as an administrator.
Photo 41 – Week 6 – taken 09.02.2017 – Sparrow hanging out with Dad
Photo 42 – Week 6 – taken 11.02.2017 – Giving his new mother-in-law a kiss.
© Lisa Cropp © Sparrow Rose Photography
Photo 43 – Week 6 – taken 11.02.2017 – Love capturing characters when I have the opportunity. Like this fellow at the wedding.

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“Hugs are so underrated, especially hugs that are so tight that you can literally feel the other person’s heartbeat and for a moment everything feels so calm and safe like nothing can hurt you.”


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