10 on 10 January 2017

Happy New Year everyone! What did you do for NYE?

I love shooting weddings! They are almost always happy and enjoyable occasions and I just love all the little details and beautiful people.

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10 on 10 November 2016

I am part of this amazing group of like-minded photographers who each put their 10 favourite images for the month up on their blog on the 10th of each month.

Initially, I was a little panicked that I had not taken any photos I could use this month, but a quick look on the hard drives proved that I have, in fact, been very busy! Hahaha!

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10 on 10 October 2016

Once again it is time for my favourite 10 photos on the 10th of the month.

This past month I have photographed a 1st birthday, done a few personal projects, taken a job as an individuals photographer for a very well known reputable studio, done an amazing workshop with Fiona Quinn, and even managed to get a few snaps of my girl while out and about.

At the bottom of this post there will be a link to the other bloggers / photographers who are in the 10 on 10 blog circle with me. What I love the most about our little circle is the diverse range of photography techniques and styles.

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September 10 on 10

Spring sprang early, the sun came out, the flowers were blooming, and then we got another icy blast. The weather is four seasons in one day… and the germs and viruses are out in force!

Each month I do a “10 favourite images on the 10th of the month”, or 10 on 10, for short. The awesome thing about this project is that I get to share it with other, like-minded, photographers and we create a blog circle where you can traverse each of our blogs to circle back around to here. (link at bottom of post)

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