Johnny Makes-a-Wish (Part 2)


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Ellerslie Spring Fairy Festival 2014

Each year for the last eight years fairies take over the main road of Ellerslie to perform and interact with young and old alike.

This is the second year we have taken our girl.

Even with a little rain and stormy weather we had a fantastic time! Those poor fairies must have been freezing. Continue reading “Ellerslie Spring Fairy Festival 2014”

Jonothan and Laura

The first day we tried for a shoot these two turned up in their PJs and Dad took off in the car with their clothes to get coffee. The weather was looking dodgy, but we decided we would proceed with PJ photos as the clouds were threatening rain.

The lighting was absolutely gorgeous at this time of the morning, but it rained after only a half hour. We met again the next week. Continue reading “Jonothan and Laura”