Week 3 – 365 of 2017 – On holiday

This week, while away on holiday, we got some devastating news….

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10 on 10 November 2016

I am part of this amazing group of like-minded photographers who each put their 10 favourite images for the month up on their blog on the 10th of each month.

Initially, I was a little panicked that I had not taken any photos I could use this month, but a quick look on the hard drives proved that I have, in fact, been very busy! Hahaha!

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Photography Jargon explained

I thought you might appreciate a refer of photography terms that might someday be of help to you.

Some of these terms may have a link to another post devoted just to explaining them. I have tried to give the most simple explanation on this post, and you can click through to the bigger explanation if you need to.

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